The Perfect Pug Cake

I’m sooo excited about how this turned out!

My daughter A loves pugs so I thought I would surprise her with a special pug cake for her 9th birthday. Like I usually do, I trolled the internet for ideas on a simple way to make a realistic looking pug. What ever did we do before Pinterest, Instagram and my wonderful friend Mr. Google?

I found a great website with some pictures that show you exactly how to make one. Thank you Tanya at Creation Cakes for the step by step instructions. You made it so easy!

Creation Cakes

I was feeding a crowd of about 28 people so I needed a cake bigger than a regular round pan. I baked a double recipe of banana cake and baked a 9″ x 13″ cake, a 9″ round cake and 8 x 8″ square cake. I didn’t need the square cake for what I was doing but I had extra batter. I figured since I was using fondant to decorate the cake (and not everyone likes fondant) I could ice the square cake for a back up. It certainly didn’t go to waste!

I placed the cooled round cake on the larger cake one and made a cream cheese icing that I used as a crumb coat over the whole cake. Sorry, I forget to take pictures I was so focused! I then used some long pieces of rolled fondant and placed it on the round cake to help create and shape the folds of the pug’s face.

Using my fingers I carefully shaped the fondant around the ‘wrinkles’. I used my Wilton gel colours to create the brown for the ears, eyes, nose and rest of the face. Finally, I little bit of pink for the tongue and the face took shape. I then used a little bit of colour on my fingers to help add some dimension in and around the folds. With a little bit of the brown fondant left, I finished it off by placing rolled fondant around the base of the round cake.

The hardest part for me was rolling out a big enough piece of fondant that could cover the whole tiered cake. After a couple of tries I had a piece big enough to drape and start forming.

I think it turned out pretty good. I used my Cricut to cut out a birthday banner that I placed across the cake using two kabob sticks. In keeping with the theme I also cut out little dog-themed tags that we added to the goody bags. She was thrilled! Happy birthday Miss A!

Miss A made and decorated the sign!





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