The Perfect Graduation Gift I Started When My Son Was in Grade 2

Another great idea I came across a few years back. I knew when I saw it that it was something I wanted to do for my kids.

Let me give you a little background. I’m kinda a sap. A bit of a dreamer. Definitely an idealist. Good versus evil and the good prevailing in the end. Anything that tugs at the heart-strings or has an underlying lesson or message and I’m all for it. Keep the tissues handy!

When my son was in grade 2 I happened across the idea of asking teachers to write a special message in a special book. Every year, you ask the teacher to add a message or note and, when your child graduates from high school, you present the special book as a gift. How cool is that! The gift becomes that much more meaningful when they open it up and find beautiful notes, inspirations or anecdotes from the ones who helped them achieve their education. After all, it is the teachers who helped to shape their journey to graduation.

N was in grade 2 so I had to do some catching up to track down teachers from JK, SK and grade 1 since they were no longer at his school. Luckily, my one sister works in the same school board and was able to help me get the missing messages.

My other challenge was finding the right book that would provide motivation, guidance and impart a little wisdom. At the same time, I wanted the book to be something that could be treasured – even as an adult – and that would inspire my kids to continue to dream, even during the tough times.

I found it. A book called “Dream” by Susan V. Bosak and I love it.

It represents the perfect story and message that my kids can carry with them through their many journeys through life. The book is beautifully illustrated too. I could have chosen “Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss.  It’s another good option that I think many people choose when giving a book for graduation but I like “Dream” for the hopefulness it gives.

And that’s all I want for my kids – to be hopeful and continue reaching for their dreams. Can you pass a tissue please?



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