Opening the Memory Jar!

We opened our Memory Jar on New Year’s Eve!

I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was so nice to reminisce and everyone had a lot of fun reliving all the beautiful memories we made together. It was nice to hear everyone’s perspective on something that we experienced together; some of remembered things differently than others and it was great to understand what stood out for each of us and what was important.

Going through the written memories gave us a nice reminder of all the things we did over the past year.  It also helped us to remember all the things we did do together. Some of them big like celebrating Canada Day in our capital, visiting Great Wolf Lodge or spending a week with our WHOLE family at a cottage this summer! Others were smaller like doing some geocaching in our neigbourhood and totally not finding the cache – but having fun trying – or having a special conversation while walking to school. So sweet!

I’m so glad we did this. Hubby and the kids loved this too. Can’t wait to start filling the 2017 jar!



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