Last Minute New Year’s Eve Centrepiece

Happy New Year!

I wish I had taken more pictures but I wanted to share with you the craft I made to pretty up my New Year’s Eve table. (Note to self: remember to take more pictures this year).  It was kinda a spur of the moment thing that I started the day before New Year’s Eve and finished up a few hours before I needed to set my table. Talk about last-minute.

The idea came to me after trolling Pinterest for some ideas. Whenever I need some inspiration I take to Pinterest. There’s a lot of creative people out there!

Here’s what I made:

I got all the supplies from Dollarama and cost me only about $10 to make. I started with a foam ball and used my hot glue gun to randomly glue the ornaments around the ball. I wanted to make sure that it was random but at the same time balanced since the decorations were different shades of gold, matted and sparkly. To make sure that the ornaments stayed, I used the handle end of a wooden spoon to make a small hole/indentation in the ball where I wanted to place the decoration. Then I applied glue around and in the hole. I knew I was going to place the finished piece on a vase so before I started gluing, I placed the foam ball on the vase and, holding it in place, used a pen to draw around the ball as it sat on the opening of the vase. When I placed the ornaments, I stayed outside of this circle so that it could sit properly on the vase and not fall off.

I used about 20 ornaments in the bigger size and then used the smaller ones in between. When I couldn’t fit in anymore I took squares of black tissue paper to fill in the gaps. I used the handle of my wooden spoon or a regular spoon, placed the tissue over the end and then pushed it into the space I was trying to fill. The small white foam decorations I then randomly glued around the finished piece.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! It took me about 2 hours in total to finish it. I took the gold ribbon that was wrapped around the packaging from the ornaments and tied it around my vase. I also had a battery operated votive that I put in the vase. The vase was frosted so I didn’t need to add any stones to “hide” the votive.
When the lights were dimmed, the flickering light reflected beautifully off the bulbs. Definitely something I’m going to try again (and take more pictures of all the steps in the process!)

Any craft successes (or fails) for you?


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