Keeping my Cool When it gets Cold

I’m trying to be a cool parent. Or at least one that ‘understands’ what it is that my kids are going through. After all, I was a kid once too and I remember what it was like.

Here’s my latest peeve though. It’s finally turned cold – and snow has fallen! – so the kids actually have to wear their winter gear. Hats, mitts, winter jackets and their snow pants. Yes, the dreaded snow pants.

N seems to think I’m committing a major crime for asking him to wear his. I remember contemplating even buying them this year. I suspected that he would give me a hard time about wearing them. He’s in grade 6 after all and what cool kid who walks to school wears snow pants when it’s subzero and there’s snow on the ground?

Certainly not my child.

But, against my better judgement I bought them so that he wouldn’t be without. If we go tobogganing or skiing or partake in any other outdoor winter activity, he will need them.  He even tried them on first. I asked, a few times, if he was going to wear them. He said yes.

And here we are. He doesn’t want to wear them because he said they make him look huge; they are too bulky. My first clue should have been when N said he wouldn’t wear jeans or pants unless they are a skinny style. Lord help me.


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