I’m Officially Wearing Progressive Lenses

I began suspecting that I was going to need new glasses – and a new prescription – when I started wearing my ‘reading’ glasses all the time.  It was just easier than having to take my glasses off and on all the time. Oh, and a minor detail, but I wasn’t seeing as clearly as I should have when I was reading the paper or looking at my phone. I noticed that I was holding what I was trying to read further and further away from me to try and bring things into focus. Sadly my arms are not that long.

I used to be able to read the fine print on bottles, even without my spectacles, if I tried hard enough. The dead giveaway has been having to actually put ON my glasses when I want to read something now. In fact I was in Walmart last summer trying to read the side of mosquito repellent spray and, because I didn’t have my glasses, ended up using the view finder on my cell phone’s camera to zoom in on the fine print. I was a little embarrassed when a stranger walking by asked me if I needed any help. Mother nature can be cruel.

So my annual check up arrived and off I went to get my eyes checked. Since I have a history of glaucoma in my family (and I’m getting to be of a certain age) my eye exam includes a field of vision (perimetry) test and one that measures the pressure in my eye (tonometry). The perimetry test is easy. I just click the button when I see the light flash. The tonometry test is another story. The doctor puts in topical anesthetic drops and then uses something called a tonometer that lightly touches the surface of the eye – to indent the cornea. The resistance or pressure is then measured. Let’s just say I’m glad this is only an annual test.

I’m thankful that the results of the test are fine. It was when the doctor was running through the reading test that was another story. I mean, I knew my vision was changing and I suspected I would need a certain type of lens but when he said, “It looks like you are going to need bifocals”, I was shocked. Deep down I knew it. But hearing it being said out loud really bothered me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was confirmation that I am getting older.

So I went to pick out new lenses. I hate doing that too. There are just too many choices and it takes me forever to make up my mind. This time though, I actually went by myself instead of asking a sister or my hubby to come along. And I did it. I picked out some new spectacles. And yes, they are progressive lenses. Now I just need to get used to them. So far, so good!



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