Baking with Kids

My kids decided they wanted to do some baking this afternoon. If you know me at all, you know I love to bake and I especially like to taste the fruits of my labour.

So normally, I would be thrilled that they wanted to bake up some cookies or brownies. The difference this time was they wanted to do it ALLLLL by themselves. No help from me. At all. They didn’t want me anywhere near their work in progress.

So, while in the back of my mind I hesitated, I let them have free reigns with it. They pretty much know where all the baking ingredients are in the kitchen but I decided to help them along, just a little. I pulled out a few of my favourite tried and true baking and recipe books and directed them to a few ‘easy’ recipes. I pulled out all my measuring cups and some of the ingredients they couldn’t get at because they were tucked away in the cupboard. And off they went – I wasn’t allowed to watch, help or take pictures during the process.

There were a couple of times that I did offer my assistance – when they had some trouble figuring out how much butter the recipe was asking for and when they needed help with the parchment paper to line the cookie sheets.

They wanted to know how to turn the oven on and when they should put the cookies in. They asked how you know when the cookies are done. They wanted to know what you did with the extra cookie dough that was left in the bowl. I told them to prepare another cookie sheet. They asked all the right questions but we were half yelling at each other from opposite rooms.

This was the final result.


Right now my heart is melting because my two kids are genuinely working together to complete a task. They compromised on a recipe (one I’ve never made before but how can you get chocolate chip cookies wrong?), gathered their ingredients and tools and truly worked as a team to get the job done. They even – kinda – cleaned up their mess. They weren’t arguing or fighting with each other and they really seemed to enjoy it. My oldest is actually whistling right now.

All sweet sounds.

I can’t wait to taste the results!



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